Live Recording Night of Worship

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TPC Worship is excited to announce we will be recording our first LIVE worship album “Visions of Your Love”  and we want you to join with us in this process. Come and be a part of this powerful Night of Worship, as we join together to magnify the Lord with new songs of worship and praise! Follow us on social media to catch glimpses of the new songs for this album, so you can listen, learn, and sing along on December 2. 

When & Where?

Saturday, December 2 in the Sanctuary at 6pm. 

This event is free, for more information contact

The Vision

Since the original sin, man-kind has journeyed through valleys of darkness. Sorrows of loss, separation, and sin can cast hopeless shadows on even the brightest of days. But it's in those times that God is like stars in the night, burning brilliant against the shadows. It's in those times that we can look to His word and realize that there is a vision of His promise to us. That He is reaching out into the darkest of nights to gently grab our hand and bring us into light. It's a vision of His love. That's what these songs and this live album are all about. The path through the darkness into the promise of hope. Each song with it's personal testimony; intimately fits into place with the rest, creating a collective declaration that God is life and light and He is LOVE. We want to come together and worship with you, share our story, and share in yours.  Each of us with our own testimony of battles and victories adding to the sound of a people determined to see Visions of His Love covering the earth