Pray Through

Have you wished your prayer life was stronger than it is? Are you frustrated over your inability to pray more? If so, or if you just want to make a good prayer life better, join us as Pastor Jeff Wickwire launches a brand new, life changing series entitled, "Pray Through".

The Prayer Of Agreement Series The Prayer Of Agreement

6.19.16 | Pray Through - Part 6

The Prayer Of Intercession Series The Prayer Of Intercession

6.12.16 | Pray Through - Part 5

Warfare Prayer Series Warfare Prayer

6.05.16 | Pray Through - Part 4

Persevering Prayer Series Persevering Prayer

5.29.16 | Pray Through - Part 3

Why Your Prayers Aren't Answered Series Why Your Prayers Aren't Answered

5.22.16 | Pray Through - Part 2

Come, Let's Pray Series Come, Let's Pray

5.15.16 | Pray Through - Part 1