Restoration Counseling

No two people are the same

Restoration Counseling Center (RCC) was born out of a heart and vision to see lives, minds, and hearts restored to the people God created us to be. Clients at the RCC will be provided a safe and confidential place to address those issues that would prevent them from reaching their full potential. They will receive care from a Christian counselor who is clinically trained and holds a professional license from the state.

Since no 2 people share the same strengths and weaknesses, counseling will be specifically tailored to each individual. RCC is currently serving women, children and teenagers, and looks forward to working with you.

Play Therapy

Adults can convey how they think and feel with words and phrases. However, that can be a difficult task for children, even if they are articulate in day to day language. Play is a child’s natural mode of expression; therefore, play therapy is utilized to help children express thoughts and communicate feelings more easily and safely through toys, games, art, books and other play activities.

There are different opinions on the appropriate age for play therapy. It is RCC’s belief that both developmental and chronological age should be taken into consideration when determining whether play therapy is appropriate for your child. As a loose guideline, RCC recommends play therapy is for children ages 3-11.

Individual Counseling

No two individuals are the same. Life experiences shape the mindset, which make starting points to counseling very different, for both the client and therapist alike. At RCC, a variety of different treatment modalities will be used to meet you where you are at today.


To visit with a counselor prior to scheduling a session, please email Rachel Nauss or call 817.632.9358. $70 per client session (45-50 minutes for adults, 30-45 minutes for children).