Jeff Wickwire is an esteemed speaker and author with six captivating books under his belt, including the thought-provoking “The Windshield Is Bigger than the Rearview Mirror” and the insightful “Friendships.” As the host of the popular daily radio program “Hardwired with Jeff Wickwire,” his inspiring messages resonate across the US and in more than 100 countries around the world. Known for his creative and inspirational Bible exposition, Pastor Jeff has a remarkable ability to weave compelling stories that illuminate profound truths. With nearly 40 years of pastoral experience, Pastor Jeff has successfully pioneered three vibrant churches, and has served as senior pastor of Turning Point since 2004.

Cyndi Wickwire is known for her skills as a singer, songwriter, and speaker. As the director of Heels Women’s Conference and TPC Women’s Ministry, she brings her passion for empowering women to the forefront. Cyndi’s love for music started at a young age, as she traveled across the western states with her family, performing at various venues. Despite facing difficult struggles and heartbreaks, Cyndi’s faith and resilience allowed her to overcome setbacks, increasing her compassion for those who have experienced loss and pain. Her inspiring life story, combined with her powerful performances, have made her a sought-after guest speaker and singer at women’s conferences, where she encourages and inspires others to find freedom and healing through Jesus Christ.

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